Living in a Godless Society {Revelation 2}

10:00 AM

 October 27, 2020

Revelation 2

Here we are in America, just days away from the presidential election of 2020.  One major issue for me is how Godless our society is.  Yet it is so easy to become absorbed into the world’s standards.  Christian standards at times seem to be on a sliding scale.

On the outside, the Church seems to be following God’s commands.  Yet, inwardly, the Church has allowed culture to weaken their courage, and they tolerate the customs of society.  The Church has permitted false teachings to infiltrate God’s standard.  The Church remains followers of Christ, but chose to blend in with society instead of standing for His truth.

In chapter 2, we see Jesus encourages the Church (2:12-17) in their suffering.  He admonishes them for tolerating what they know as false teachings.  “I know where you live - where Satan has his throne.  Yet you….. (2:13-15).

Jesus knew the believers in Pergamum faced intense attacks because of their faith.  He knew Satan held a stronghold in their city.  Jesus was aware of their situation, just as He is aware of everything we face today.

Jesus knows it is not easy to face the pressures of a godless society.  Yet the world’s opposition does not excuse us from speaking against the lies of our culture.  Jesus still expects us to stand up for His name and His truth.

The Book of Revelation is something I believe we should turn to when we are struggling.  Jesus uses very easy to understand language as to what He tolerates and does not tolerate.

I don’t know the letters on your church building, but perhaps you should ask God to reveal to you what you should not be tolerating and confess that sin.  Ask God to strengthen you to stand firm for the truth and to speak the truth in love.

Remember, the goal of Christ is to help instruct the Church.  He points out their successes and where they are failing.


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