Scripture Saturday ~ Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart

12:00 AM

By Sandra Wyatt

Welcome to Scripture Saturday!  Today we continue our memorization of verses found in Luke with verses 12:34…

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

I chose this verse because it is, in its very nature, a verse of self-reflection.  Here in this verse Jesus is asking:  What is your real treasure? What absorbs your attention and your time? In which world do you live?

There are two kinds of treasure: that which grows old and rots and that which lasts.  If we know that we have treasure in heaven, the need to store treasure here on earth disappears. Jesus is not telling us that we should not have possessions, but He does teach that possessions should be placed within proper priorities.  People and their needs matter, but possessions should not be our focus. 

I know, personally, that I struggle with the my desire for earthly possessions.  I know it is a worldly desire. I must ask myself often, “What is God’s will in this particular decision or situation. Where is my focus?  Is it on His Kingdom or on my pleasure?” I must change my response when tempted to, “I want God’s will, not mine.  I trust in You and rest in Your provision.  My true treasure is stored in Heaven and I am to glorify You here today!”

Have a precious and blessed day everyone!

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