Called to Believe {Luke 8}

12:22 AM

By Lisa Thayer

This is the third time we have visited these parables this year, and every time, I see things just a bit differently.   Isn’t your faith growing because we are revisiting these stories?

When I read the parable of the seeds and the soil to prepare this post, I realized that the farmer has to be generous with his seed.  He cannot be worried about wasting some seed on the bad soil – he simply must broadcast it for the best return.  He must not be concerned with the condition of the soil.  Our responsibility is to spread the seed (God’s message).  Soil changes over time.  If you’ve ever gardened, some plants just cannot grow in the same soil as other plants.  And just as we all change and hear God’s word multiple times, we receive it and it takes root and grows abundantly.  Once it begins to grow, we want to share all we know with everyone.  We don’t receive it and hide it under a basket - we let our light shine!  The more we apply God’s word, the more we grow and it is impossible to stand still.  We return home and tell how much God has done for us (v. 39)

I’ve often struggled with verses 19-21, but I realized here, in these two short verses, that Jesus recognized who they were, but it was his mother and brothers who hadn’t recognized who He was.  That happens in our own lives.  Our own families and friends don’t recognize Jesus at the same time we do and they often wonder what happened to us!  Jesus loved his mother (John 19-25-27), just has He loves us.  Individually, we all have to recognize Him to understand His message. 

We once again hear the message about Jarius’ daughter and the hemorrhaging woman.  The majority of us are mother’s and we juggle all the parts of our daily lives; children, school, after school activities, jobs, homes and husband.   Some of us add the additional duties of grandchildren and aging parents.  Jesus doesn’t neglect one of these on your list!  Not one!  He calmly attends to each one.  Jesus never neglects one from the other.  He can heal a person along His way to raise someone from the dead.  His mercy, is like water, it takes the shape of the vessel.  The miracle isn’t in believing if you touch an object, you will be healed, it is in the faith of the Healer.  “Just believe.”   There can be no fear – only faith.  An attitude of trust banishes dread.  There are no irrevocable losses to one who trusts. 

When we weep, and we are commanded not to, we will not see His grace.  Jesus comes to ALL.  Are we the paid mourners who have lost all hope?  Or do we laugh in the face of Jesus when someone seems so far away from life?  Or do we live courageously in faith, knowing that Jesus has life giving power?  For EVERYONE!  

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